Passion, Expertise, and a Love for sports: Discover the Story of Coach Carter's Sports Supplies.

Welcome to Coach Carter's Sports Supplies - Your Trusted Source for Sports Gear

Here at Coach Carter's Sports Supplies, we set out in 2019 with one clear aim: to bring you the best sports equipment, suitable for all - whether you're just starting out or a seasoned player. Our founder, Jon Carter, a passionate Baseball enthusiast, coach and player, realised the need for a shop that's not just about selling, but one that's rooted in a true love for the sport. That's the spirit behind Coach Carter's.

Our Ethos

We understand the excitement and joy of sports, and we're here to enhance that experience with first-rate equipment. Our shop is filled with everything you might need, such as bats, balls, gloves in addition to all of your team merchandise and clothing. We carefully select each item to ensure it's of the highest quality and suitable for our customers.

Dedication to Quality

Quality isn't just a buzzword for us; it's our commitment. We stock products from the finest brands known for their excellence in sports technology, for example; Marucci and Teammate. Our goal is to ensure every piece of equipment in our store helps in elevating your game.

More Than Just a Shop

We see ourselves as a community of sports enthusiasts. We keep in touch with our customers through social media, sharing advice, stories, and the latest sports updates. Coach Carter's Sports Supplies is more than a business – it's a family united by a love of sports.


Plymouth Mariners Adult Baseball

Excellent service, great quality and very fast deliveries...keep up the great work from Plymouth Mariners Adult Baseball

Ben Parsons

Great prices, great products with quick, free delivery with awesome customer service too, Jon is also very approachable and helpful with any questions or queries you may have regarding products so what’s not to love, I honestly wish I came here sooner, shall definitely be making this my go to baseball shop

Neale Raleigh

That the company is built around a love of baseball and not, a love of money making.

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